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Zach & Kelley: A Simple Elopement

February 25 2019

When Kelley told me that she and Zach had decided to have an intimate elopement and that they wanted me to photograph it for them, I was honored. You see elopements are so special to me, because I had one myself. I know that by choosing to elope, you are choosing to allow your moment of marriage to only be shared with you, your fiancé, the person marrying you, and a photographer. Woah, what an honor!

When I arrived at their house, Zach was relaxing downstairs while Kelley was upstairs getting ready for their first look. There was no pressure, no stress, and no rigid timeline...and while I absolutely love being a part of the hustle and bustle of a wedding day, elopements just have a different feel and it is truly something special. After their first look, we did portraits on their property and headed off to the church.

As I stood in the isle of an empty sanctuary, with Kelley and Zach getting married by the pastor in the front of the church, I had to take a second to really appreciate this moment...the moment when two of my friends, committed their lives to each other with no other distractions around. They looked at each other in a way that showed the love they shared. And now I get to share those moments for them.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Bridges- for letting me in on this special day.

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4 comentários

Congrats to the new married couple. These are such beautiful photos! Great job!


That dress fits her like a glove, and she's rocking it! I've never captured an elopement before, so the relaxed pace would probably be something I would really enjoy. :)


Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn
01 de mar. de 2019

Love her details <3


Such beautiful images of their special day! Great post

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