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Get ready for picture day!

  • Classic Clothing in solid colors or simple patterns with clean necklines

  • Avoid busy patterns, flashy sequins and clothing with writing or big logos on the front

  • Think about where you may display photos in your home and complement your decor

  • Lay clothes out the night before

  • Talk with your child in the days before photo day about how much fun it will be having a different experience school pic day!

  • We are using a GREY backdrop for your individual photos (see sample gallery below- use code TEST123

Do you offer print collections?

YES! I offer a variety of print collections and a' la-carte products. There is no minimum order and nothing is due up front.

See Pricing Below

How long can I  order photos?

You will have 14 days after the gallery is delivered to complete your order! Everything is viewed, ordered and paid online. Families may choose the photos they would like to purchase for download (with printing rights) or print but they are not obligated to purchase. 

Can I take screenshots from the gallery?

When you purchase a digital download, you can have the full resolution image (without watermarks) along with printing rights to that image. Taking a screenshot of the watermarked imaged violates copyright laws and is not allowed.

How will I view/order photos?

 A private, password protected online proof/ordering gallery with 8-10 images to choose from, presented in both color and black and white will be available for each student approximately one to two weeks after the photos are taken. If I have access to parent/guardian email addresses, they will be emailed. If the school is unable to give out parent email addresses, print outs will be given out for each student with the gallery URL and password.

How will the photos be delivered?

All prints will be delivered to the school. Digital downloads are available for immediate download after purchase. There will also be a shipping option in case grandparents or other family members would like to purchase. It is up to you who you share the gallery with.

Do I pay upfront or after?

With no prepay step or paper order forms, parents are able to view their images before placing an order online.

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More Questions?

Send me an email or call me and I'll be happy to help!


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