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Jordon & Allison | Vinton War Memorial Wedding | Virginia

January 11, 2020

From the moment Allison inquired with me, I could tell that she would be an ideal bride. She was sweet and eager for her photographic experience. Also, the date made my number-nerd-heart happy... 1-11-2020! While I enjoyed every part of my journey with her and Jordon- their engagement session, her bridal portraits, his commissioning ceremony that I was blessed to photograph- I most looked forward to this date!

From the dress Blues to the saber arch to the sweet memorial for Allison's dad who passed away just last year. Tears filled my eyes many times this past Saturday and several times throughout the day, we were reminded of her dad's presence. A part of me wishes I had a direct line to heaven so that Mr. Bryan could enjoy these photos, but I know he had the best view of all. This wedding was amazing and I'm happy to share it!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Bennett!