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Patrick & Brittney | Engaged

Spring has sprung here in Virginia and it totally shows in this session! The cherry blossom blooms line our sleepy, little town each year sending more-than-usual traffic, but this year is very different with social distancing taking over the entire country. While we maintained our 6 feet distance, Brittney and Patrick let their love show throughout their entire engagement session. I just can't help but to overshare how adorable they are!

When I first arrived, Abbey Dillard was recording Patrick for their love story film. I watched him light up answering questions about Brittney even though I couldn't hear a word he was saying- I'm so excited to see their film. While Brittney had time with Abbey answering questions about their relationship, I photographed her beautiful engagement ring. Often, I found myself getting the warm and fuzzies, listening her describe her love for her fiancé. Honestly, I wish every session started this way because love stories feed my soul. It helped me know how much they mean to each other in so many ways.

In the midst of a national pandemic, this session with this sweet couple lifted my spirits...I hope when you look at their photos, you too feel hopeful. Congratulations to Brittney and Patrick, you two will make the most beautiful bride and groom!



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