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Landon & Elissa | Elopement

May 9th, 2020

When Elissa's mom first inquired with me, I was shocked to know they would be traveling all the way from Massachusetts. That's not where the interesting information stopped... I later found out that the groom and his family would be traveling from Alabama! So how in the world did they decide on The Natural Bridge in Virginia?!

Because of the current pandemic, their original wedding plan had to be pushed out to 2021, but Landon and Elissa still wanted to get married! Since they wanted their families to be there, that would mean they needed to find a location somewhere in the middle of their two hometowns... and this led them to the bridge! I'm so thankful that their location search landed them 15 minutes from me and that I was able to witness the love they share for each other. Giggles erupted when Landon's dad went to pronounce them husband and wife by "the power vested in me by the state of Virginia", something I have heard over many, many times... but was so very unfamiliar to these Massachusetts/ Alabama natives! Virginia IS for lovers!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Genry... I'm forever grateful that our paths crossed and wish you both the very best!

Don't worry, social distancing guidelines were followed...



Photography: Austin & Austin Photography

Florals: Heritage Flowers, Massachusetts


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