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Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters Free Download [full Version] [Updated] 2022




she didn't know what hit her. She'd been struck by something, but she didn't know exactly what it was. The planet was kind of a mosh pit of fighters, choppers, bombers, and tiny little missiles of every kind flying in every direction. Jane's fighter was going crazy—if it stayed on the planet it'd be cooked—so she flipped the stick and headed to space. Four incoming missiles missed her by a fraction of an inch. She aimed the fighter's nose up to catch the initial thrust of the rockets and then punched the throttle. When Jane had spent a lot of time in space, she had learned how to protect herself against missile attacks. She flew backward. When the rockets from a missile hit a fighter, they hit it from behind. It flew off backward. That put as much of the rockets' force as possible behind Jane's ship, and a thousand little changes to the fighter's dynamics from the inertial dampers to the very small thrusters—tiny adjustments of speed and direction that let Jane hold on to her flight pattern—allowed Jane to fly backward with an easy, rolling motion. It was tricky, but it worked. And it was brilliant. Jane would maneuver the ship so that, when she left the protection of the planet's atmosphere, the missiles would follow her, dropping back as she pulled away. The missiles were programmed to follow her if she traveled too far away. Jane stayed on the edge of the atmosphere of the planet—if a rocket fired, she'd hear the thump, and she'd roll into position, keeping just outside the planet's atmosphere. Once she was clear, she'd fire the small thrusters that dropped her back down to the surface and away from the missiles. But not before the missiles had done some damage. Jane was thinking about this, and had taken a few minutes to regroup and cool down. And as she did, the missiles ceased. There were no more missiles. They had all stopped their flight. Jane didn't know why. She rolled her fighter into position—just as another missile came out of nowhere, and hit her square in the nose. Now it was three strikes in one minute. Jane fought to keep the engine on. She rolled, and aimed for the edge of the atmosphere. It was a gamble. A big one. She didn't know how much fuel she had. If she stayed up



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Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters Free Download [full Version] [Updated] 2022

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